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Originally Posted by HSG
Any attempt to claim that frail, starving, chain-smoking anorexics are somehow "healthier" that well-fed, robust size 18s, 20s, 22s, and up, is patently ridiculous, virulently offensive, and above all, a bald-faced lie.

Quoted for truth. The unmitigated gall of any apologist for the minus-size fashion industry trying to fly the "health" flag would be laughable if it weren't so obscene.

Straight-size models have died -- literally died -- due to starving themselves into the fashion world's inhuman sample size, and the thin supremacists who push this look are suddenly talking about "health"? The hypocrisy is sickening.

If anyone in the fashion establishment had any actual concern about "health," they'd make sure that every government in the world banned all current straight-size models, because they're all underweight, every last one of them, and they all display a malnourished body type that triggers eating disorders.

I refuse to believe that anyone could be so stupid as to believe that these waif-worshippers actually care a whit about "health." If they did, the fashion world wouldn't be a pro-anorexia industry, which it is. They're just slickly using this as a propaganda tool to try to keep the anorexic monopoly in place.

And that's what's so offensive about the whole situation -- that these curve-o-phobes have so completely brainwashed the media that a literally emaciated appearance -- the very opposite of actual health -- has been falsely passed off as the semblance of heath.

It would be like making the look of a tuberculosis patient or a cancer victim the benchmark of what people consider a "healthy" look! It's madness.
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