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Default Re: Consider the source

Here's a vignette that puts the whole Australia debacle into perspective.

Predictably, it's a mixed-message article, but here's the pertinent point:

A waif-like model almost collapsed from lack of food and water at NZ Fashion Week, a designer says.

Plus-size designer Caroline Marr said she had to come to the aid of the tiny model who was close to collapse at last year's event.

"Some of them are very skinny. I've had to feed girls out the back," said Marr, founder of The Carpenter's Daughter clothing label. The label has six boutiques around New Zealand and has twice shown at NZ Fashion Week.

"If someone thinks a size 16 or 18 is ob*** they need to correct their eyesight."

Marr said the only unhealthy models she had seen at NZ Fashion Week were under-weight, not "over"weight, like the model who had gone through the day without eating...

The fashion establishment mandates an emaciated look that puts the lives of its models at risk, and it has the gall to talk about "health"? It's beyond repugnant; it's actually criminal, because it brainwashes women into trading a genuinely healthy, full-figured, natural state, at a size 18, for a life-threatening minus size.
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