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I love the premise of this article. The hostility of beauty's enemies to full-figured femininity is as great a tribute to its merit as is the approval of beauty's allies. I wholeheartedly concur.

Originally Posted by HSG
To win the acceptance of the anorexia peddlers, a plus-size model must be so faux-plus, so thin, as to constitute no threat to the status quo. And that status quo fosters eating disorders, curve-o-phobia, and anti-plus hatred.

Thus, if a plus-size model does not outrage the current powers-that-be, then she is clearly too thin to advance the cause of size celebration. If the weight-bigoted fashion elites accept her, then she is plus-size in name only, and her work does nothing to bring about the acceptance of visibly larger bodies.

Regrettably, this is true. In fact, the presence of faux-plus models might even unintentionally undermine the benefits of featuring true plus-size models. How? Because when the anti-plus bigots see a plus-size fashion show where thin, faux-plus models walk alongside genuinely full-figured models, those anti-plus propagandists can glom onto the faux-plus girls and use them as a stick to beat the actual plus-size models. They can create a binary where they deem the non-plus-looking faux-plus models the "good" models (as anyone who hates plus-size beauty typically would), and call the actually full-figured goddesses the "wrong" kind of models.

In this way, the faux-plus models become a tool of the establishment, one that is used to keep the skinny ideal in place, to maintain the pernicious myth that thinner=better, and to undermine and delegitimize the visibly full-figured models who really are a challenge to the status quo.

That's why shows like FFFWeek and FWPS have it right. Instead of mixing faux-plus models with plus-size models, they maintain a rule whereby the models all have to be above a size 14 at least. Then there are no size comparisons that the media can rig against the curvier girls, because all of models in the show are visibly full-figured goddesses.
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