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Default The Tyranny of Moderation

Originally Posted by HSG
There is no practical difference between someone who blatantly attacks full-figured women and someone who superciliously disparages them as representing an "extreme" rather than a "happy medium." Both types of individuals--those who flagrantly insist on a size-0 standard, and those who speak duplicitously of a "happy medium"--work towards the same curve-hating end: the outright suppression of plus-size beauty and the erasure of the full-figured body from cultural view.

It doesn't matter whether the person decrying true plus-size models does so in the name of an anorexic ideal or claims to be searching for a "happy medium." The endgame of both stratagems is to banish the womanly form from public visibility, as it if were something shameful.

The only difference between the two stances is that one (pro-anorexia) is openly bigoted, while the other couches the same bigotry in cunning wordcraft. If anything, the "happy medium" gambit is worse, because, by cloaking its oppressiveness in a smarmy air of concern, it is not as easily written off, not as easily recognized for what it truly is (anti-plus bigotry), as outright thin supremacism.

I agree that these hypocritical calls for moderation and attacks on so-called "extremes" are even more pernicious than the actions of the Anna Wintours, who flat-out push for size 0/2s and nothing else.

At least the Anna Wintours can't pretend to be anything other than they are: outright curve-o-phobic cretins. But those who use the "happy medium" ploy are extra offensive because they add a twisted sense of self-righteousness to their attacks on curvy women. They feel justified in uttering the most amazingly bigoted denunciations of plus-size beauty, on the grounds that "they're not favouring Kate Moss either." So what? They're still trying to criminalize the plus-size body.

I don't care whether a weight bigot is pushing exclusively for a size-0 standard or a size-6 standard or even a faux-plus standard. If they're attacking a perfectly normal size 18, 20, 22, etc., then they're just as vile and repugnant, just as wrong. The only "extreme" is their intolerance.
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