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Default Re: ''Slim = sad. Plus = happy'' (article)

Originally Posted by HSG
Every manipulative program in which an underweight actress, or model, or reporter, dons synthetic padding in order to appear fuller figured, and to "experience what it must be like," conveys a barely-concealed contempt for the subjects of the study. The sickening undercurrent in these programs is, "Oh, you're full-figured, you must be so miserable--but I feel your pain."

And perhaps the most pernicious result of perpetuating this colossal myth is the fact that some plus-size women actually end up believing it, and begin seeing themselves as victims, rather than vixens.

Just today, I saw another program of this type on TV, only this time, I "watched" it in a whole new way. These shows ARE demeaning, and they are obviously inteded to diminish the budding confidence of full-figured women.

It's amazing that the truth is exactly the opposite of the myth, and that underweight women are actually more miserable (as the study that was mentioned in this thread shows). And sure enough, it's a a truth that the media will do everything in its power to suppress.
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