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Default Mayara Russi: New Kaue Modas catalogue

Originally Posted by Graham
The video, above, shows just how gorgeously curvy Mayara is, as do the images from a Kaue Modas runway show in which she recently participated.

The runway-show pictures are beautiful. Mayara appears gorgeous and truly full-figured, and the fashions are very pretty.

Mayara also appears on the KauÍ Modas cover page, in a close-up that shows the sensual fullness in her face.

She can also be found in a new catalogue for KauÍ Modas, but unfortunately, this is not one of the company's better lines.

The theme is "colour blocking," and although Mayara herself looks beautiful, many of these colour-block looks are simply not that appealing.

Regardless, Mayara is always stunning, and this yellow top is pretty enough.

Some models look better with smiling expressions, some with serious expressions. Mayara always looks most attractive in a serious mode, which is what she adopts for this shoot. Her pouty look is very seductive.

Of the images in the catalogue, this one comes closest to showing off her lusciously full waist.

What's missing from this shoot are the verdant natural settings in which Kaue usually shoots its promotions. Nevertheless, the model herself is breathtakingly beautiful.

Here's the full-length version of the photo that appears on the KauÍ cover. This picture also acknowledges the sensual fullness at the model's midsection.

The KauÍ hairstylist deserves a special word of praise, because he/she endows Mayara with voluptuous, wavy tresses that enhance her femininity and give her a romantic allure, even when the outfits aren't as pretty as one might wish.

Whatever one thinks of these styles, Mayara is an absolute goddess and certainly one of the most gorgeous models in the world.
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