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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas runway show

Originally Posted by Hannah
Apparently, in addition to the runway show, Kaue will also be featuring Mayara in future videos modelling various individual clothing items, as this gorgeous behind-the-scenes picture suggests.

Here's the video that Hannah's behind-the-scenes photo anticipated. Even as Mayara footage goes, this video is exceptional, particularly in the scenes showing Mayara in her first coral-coloured look. (She models three looks in the video.)

The outfit is sleeveless, so it bares her soft, full arms. The scoop neckline accentuates her voluptuousness, and in a sexy touch, her decorative necklaces plunge into her generous decolletage. You can see a sensual curve under her chin. Most seductive of all, the outfit embraces her alluringly full waist. Her brunette tresses are thick and long.

I can't understand any of the Portuguese, but I keep hearing the host refer to Mayara as "top model," which she certainly is. Mayara represents how a top model should look. She's ravishing, and her figure is absolutely perfect.
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