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Originally Posted by HSG
Most full-figured fashion writing sounds as if it were written by people who viscerally dislike the curvy female body and want plus-size women to feel likewise.

How is such text supposed to promote plus-size fashion? What woman will lavish money on clothing to adorn her body when she has been led to believe that her body is repellent? To spend money on herself, a woman has to feel that she deserves it. Curve-o-phobic text from the plus-size industry tells her that she does not deserve it.

Telling customers that their bodies are gorgeous and ideal sells clothing better than telling them that their bodies are problems that need to be hidden, disguised, minimized, and artificially deformed.

I've noticed this too. Just the other day, I saw a TV commercial from a plus-size label. The models were reasonably attractive and fairly curvy looking, and the video footage was clearly trying to show how confident they were; but the visual messaging was completely undercut by the narration and on-screen captions, which claimed that the garments being sold would decrease the customers' figures! The ad used four euphemisms in succession for diminishing curves. The commercial was at cross-purposes to itself.

Sure, some full-figured women may not be 100-percent confident in their curves. But the way to get them to love themselves more (and therefore to devote money to fashion instead of starvation-torture) is to write ad copy that enthuses about how gorgeous plus-size bodies look because they are plus-size, how beautiful the characteristics of visible fullness are; not to reinforce the idea that full figures are flawed and problematic and need to be reshaped. Such thinking will keep potential customers from ever considering themselves truly worthy of great fashion.

And all this is strictly from a business standpoint -- let alone how harmful such mixed messages are from a socio-cultural or psychological perspective. One expects this mixed-messaging from the establishment media, but the plus-size industry should be undoing this brainwashing, not contributing to it.

By the way, that image of Katherine is breathtakingly beautiful.
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