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Default Re: Crystal Renn on Fashion Television

That could be just a matter of photography. At least these screen captures show what Crystal really looks like. I agree that the gown in the shoot shown here is one of the most beautiful dresses any model has ever displayed. And I really appreciate the fact that Crystal has such a positive attitude. Her poses suit the outfit perfectly.

I can't wait to see what the final results of this gorgeous photo shoot will be. I have no doubt they will be stunning -- and this way, it will be possible to compare them to these scenes from the original photo shoot.

And I love the fact that Crystal keeps returning to timeless themes -- including last spring's Lane Bryant shoot, the "Old World" Gaultier show, the recent "Cleopatra" editorial in Italian Vanity Fair, and now this Classical masterpiece.

The comparison with sculpture is fascinating, because sculpture allows a person to see the artwork from 360 degrees, and from every perspective. These video caps offer something like that experience. Maybe someday, when the technology is good enough, clothing will be modelled not just in still images, but in brief 20-second online videos that have the camera rotate around the model, from the front all the way around, so you really get to see what the dress looks like.
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