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Default Re: Heritage vs. the rootless media

Originally Posted by Emily
It's wonderful that these world cultures can look back on their own heritage of celebrating full-figured beauty and favourably contrast it with the modern-media standards that they rightly deplore. I only wish that we in the West could do likewise. If more European-Americans learned what Classical or Nordic or Celtic beauty traditionally looked like (i.e., full-figured), we too could unshackle ourselves from the alien aesthetic that the parasitic media has imposed on us.

I agree with this completely. In fact, the topic in this thread is one of the most important discussions that have appeared on the forum this year.

I thought of it when I came across an article today about a South African contest for plus-size models.

The setup is interesting enough:

For the longest time it has been imprinted in our heads that when it comes to fashion, only a certain breed of people can effectively sell clothes with their bodies.

This brings us to the upcoming TV show, Diamond in the Ruff, in association with De Beers, which will look at providing a chance for a career in modelling to the typical “girl next door”.

The show began looking for models in places usually that do not get access to programmes like this at a national level. The main focus of the search is on plus-size models. Yes, you read right, “big” girls are getting a chance to flaunt their outer and inner beauty.

All very nice. The title of the competition, referring to the phrase "diamond in the rough," is very clever, given that sponsor is the De Beers company, famous the world over as a diamond marque. (De Beers was, of course, founded by that bold adventurer Cecil Rhodes, one of the most dynamic great men of the 19th century.)

But the passage that stood out to me was the following quote from one Siphiwe Mpye, who is "the associate editor of GQ" and "one of the scouts and judges of the show":

“Through this show we are making a product that will be unearthing true African beauty. I know, I am a guy, and South African men appreciate endowed women, yet these women are not really represented when it comes to marketing goods to African audiences,” he continued.

Plus-size beauty as "true African beauty." Again, as in the other examples in this thread, here is a case where a culture is able to reject androgynous modern mass-media values by opposing them with its own ethnic aesthetic heritage. It's very inspiring, and not only averts anorex-chic poison but reaffirms a people's traditional identity.

I wish that Europeans and European-Americans could do likewise. It would be thrilling if we could enthuse about a "true Nordic beauty" or a "true Slavonic beauty" or a "true Celtic beauty," etc., all of which would represent women who are much fuller-figured than the emaciated standard imposed by the alien modern media. This would help us embrace a more natural ideal, the ideal to which women of European descent are naturally predisposed, and would help reestablish ties with our Old World heritage and culture and identity.
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