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Default Re: More Natural Beauty

Kiyonna's fall campaign with Melissa Masi is very much in line with "natural beauty" principles. I wish it featured Kelsey or Katherine, as a fair-haired model in the forest is such a folkloric archetype, but still, the promotion is very attractive.

The woods in the picture do look as mysterious as those of an Old World forest, and the ad copy effectively plays up these qualities, with the reference to "romanticism" and the phrase, "Hidden in the mysterious woods on a dark twilight night," or better still, "Surrender yourself to the dark glamour of the Hidden Hollow."

Here's a screenshot of how the entire Kioynna page looked under the "Hidden Hollow" theme:

The campaign evokes both qualities of nature as presented in the original post in this thread- both the dark mystery of the woodland test and the sunnier, floral qualities of the cherry-blossom test. The second theme of the promotion, "Love Struck," highlights the floral aspect.

The highlight of the campaign is certainly the video that Kiyonna shot to accompany it. Watch for especially beautiful shots of Melissa at 0.26 and 1.52, while the view of the forest at 2.02 could have come straight from the Lord of the Rings film footage of the Shire. Also, there's a shot at 1.09 that shows the model changing, which should answer a question that many have probably pondered: How does a model change clothing while she's on location and preserve her modesty?

A beautiful campaign with an attractive theme.
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