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Default Re: Amazing Christina Schmidt pic

The picture is absolutely stunning. Christina posed for so many outfits in this shoot, but, like the very best of models (Barbara comes to mind), she managed to make each pose, each expression, unique and completely original. Her creativity is inexhaustible. And in this image, she dazzles like the star that she is, beaming health and vitality. Her beauty is truly extraordinary, and one discovers it anew in every image that she creates. Like the very best works of art, Christina’s work communicates the pure, unadulterated joy of life.

As discussed previously on this forum, the camisole (which is, in many ways, simply an abbreviated dress) is an ideal adornment for plus-size beauty, and a photograph such as this ably demonstrates why. It shows off the allure of a goddess's soft shoulders, shapely arms, and decolletage, and when fitted properly, as it is here, it also intimates the curves of her figure. Sensual but tasteful, it is the perfect example of timeless style interpreted in a contemporary way. No wonder this has become such a popular design.

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