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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

My goodness, if there has ever been a definitive photoshoot to express timeless beauty and demonstrate everything that the Judgment of Paris is all about, this is it. When I opened this thread, I could barely believe what I was seeing. I thought I was experiencing a fantasy. These images are artistic masterpieces.

Originally Posted by HSG
This compelling photo series is every bit as artistic and aesthetically accomplished as the finest Vogue editorial. Or rather, it indicates what Vogue editorials might look like if the classical beauty ideal had never been displaced, and if full-figured femininity remained the dominant aesthetic of fashion and culture.

True, but if anything, the Vogue comparison doesn't do justice to this wondrous shoot. I defy anyone to find a "high fashion" editorial in any glossy magazine that comes close to the beauty of these images. The only comparison would be to the photos in bridal magazines, but even then, while the settings would be nice, the models could never approach the beauty of Katherine, who looks even lovelier in this shoot than I have ever seen her before.

To choose a favourite among these pictures is very difficult, because they're all so perfect and together comprise a narrative, just as the post describes. For size-positive body love, it would have to be the first image, with the unutterably sensual display of a bare midriff. But the third image is the very epitome of Old World folklore, and looks like it came right out of a 19th-century storybook or a colourized engraving.

I am in heaven looking at these photos. I'd rather live in the dream realm that they depict than in the mundane modern world. Or better still, I wish that the modern world could be remade to look more like this, more like it was in the Victorian era itself -- the time that introduced lacy fashions such as Katherine wears, and built the gorgeous bridge on which she stands, and created the lovely English garden in which she is photographed, and most of all, in which Katherine's fair, full-figured loveliness was recognized as the true ideal of beauty.
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