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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

Originally Posted by HSG
But above all, it is the model herself who is the key to the success of this shoot. No faux-plus model (let alone any androgynous waif) could have embodied such an opulent aesthetic.

Yes, this really is the key that must never be forgotten. One could have the settings, attire, photography, and everything else, but without such a curvaceous and inspired model, it would all be for naught.

The simple truth is that Katherine was the perfect model for this shoot - perfect in figure and perfect in talent.

Her physical opulence matches the richness of the environment, from the lush, verdant greenery to the ornateness of the Neo-Gothic bridge. Her doll-like prettiness is of a piece with the beauty of the flowers and the stonework and the lacy apparel.

Her poses and expressions really are what creates the mood. Her open-hearted, faraway gaze in the second photograph melts the heart. Her languishing pose in the first image give it a sensation of sensuality and relaxation. These are the most beautiful expressions I've ever seen her create.

This is not only my favourite photoshoot from Katherine, but maybe my favourite shoot from any model, ever. It's mesmerizing.
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