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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I love these photos so much, you have no idea. They're just absolutely flawless. Sometimes, a person can look at a photo essay and say, "This element was great, but that aspect could have been better," but in this case, I wouldn't want to change a single thing. Everything, but everything, is perfect, from the model to the setting to the wardrobe. Everything.

Each of the images is as beautiful as a painting. They transcend fashion. They really are works of art.

I adore the empowering, confident sensuality of the first photo, with the discreet glimpse of Katherine's midriff. But this is the one I love most:

It's the one that especially looks like it came out of a sophisticated magazine. More than that, it's cinematic. It reminds me of a scene from the Lord of the Rings, a scene that was actually mentioned on this forum in the past.

The visual of the noble statue crowned with flowers reminds me of Katherine ensconced in her floral bower.

But what's really brilliant, too, is the styling. I assume that Katherine did the styling herself, as in past tests, and she showed genius by making the fashions wearable and contemporary. For all that this shoot has a vintage feel, it is not a period piece, but rather, it is very much up-to-date, elegant, and chic. To find just the right attire to harmonize with the settings but still have it be on trend, that's an amazing feat, and Katherine accomplished it to perfection. That's what qualifies this as a true fashion editorial, worthy of any magazine.

Anyone looking at these photos must become convinced that a genuine plus-size model, so long as she is as superlatively gorgeous and talented as Katherine is, can create the most sophisticated and exquisite photographs that the fashion world is capable of producing.
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