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Default Re: Students denouncing anorexic media standards

From the college newspaper of Sonoma State University comes a delightfully empowering article that I'd love to share.

The title, "Skinny does not mean sexy," gets things off to a good start, and it only gets better from there. Here are a few choice excerpts.

The writer begins by pointing out how ridiculous the measure of being "over"weight is:

Skinny does not mean sexy

It didn't help when my local pediatrician told me I was bordering ob*****. Are you kidding me? No wonder our obesity rate is so damn high! They count everyone that hasn't been on the cover of Elle magazine.

Exactly. If the measure of what's an acceptable size is the fashion industry's anorexic standard, then that's an unacceptable standard indeed.

Here the writer describes her moment of liberation:

Then it dawned on me. Why does it matter what I look like if I'm happy? What if I like the way my butt looks and the way my boobs bounce when I strut my stuff? I have the body of a real woman and I have never been more proud of it. My question is, why do girls constantly stress about being as skinny as possible even if it's unhealthy? It's not cute when you're ribs are showing through your back. Is it because they want to fit into the smallest dress size possible or they want that one "special" guy to like them? Just an FYI ladies: they make clothes in five sizes. It's not embarrassing to buy a large.

And you know, let me tell you! Only immature boys narrow their girlfriend qualifications to the super skinny girls...Men would rather take you out to dinner and pay for a steak than watch you eat a piece of lettuce.

Yes! I'm glad that she points out that men are actually attracted to women who indulge themselves freely. It's true, but you would never know it from the curve-o-phobic mass media and its distortions of reality.

Likewise, her comments to men about curvy women who love to eat are well worth taking to heart:

Here's some advice for you men: If she'll order chicken wings and chow down on the first date, then you've found yourself a winner...she's already clearly said something about herself

So true. A woman who lets herself eat whatever she wants with a man feels comfortable about herself and secure with him. It's a recipe for mutual satisfaction.

The last passage is pure size celebration; one of the most affirmative texts I've read.

This issue of weight, mainly sparked by the media, is really nothing more than what we make it to be. If you choose to follow the latest stick-thin trend, at least make sure you are truly happy with your lifestyle. I can tell you that I am only happy when I get to eat my three helpings of dinner every night. We are no longer girls, we are women. We are meant to have big boobs followed by some hips and a bump in the back.

I would not change my hourglass figure for anything. It makes me who I am and is a constant reminder that I've got a little something extra to share.

I've learned ways to dress for my body type and have found clothes that only make me feel better about those "where did you come from" lines, or the extra lump added to my really wide hips. I buy the clothes that fit me, regardless of the size, and I have never been happier!

Women of Sonoma State, strut your stuff! The guys will appreciate your confidence as much as your body.

Kudos to the writer for her unapologetically pro-curvy text. I hope that every student at her university reads her article and takes her words to heart.
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