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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I have to agree with Renata as to her favourite, but really, each of the images is breathtaking. They all show a different aspect of Katherine's beauty. Indeed, I am amazed by her repertoire, which is second to none. She is so versatile in her poses and expressions, and can play every note of the emotional scale.

To me, the floral-bower photo that Renata highlighted suggests a possible storyline. Notice how contemporary Katherine's attire is, from her top to her eye-catching handbag to her sunglasses. (Very chic business with the sunglasses, by the way.) And yet she's surrounded by the most magical environment imaginable, truly like something out of a dream. The way I interpret the image is that an admirer saw Katherine sitting somewhere in a modern setting, perhaps somewhere in the city. But the moment that he laid eyes on her, her heart-stopping beauty entranced him, and in his imagination, all of the prosaic city structures around her vanished. In their place his mind conjured an Arcadian dreamscape, an idyllic forest-world of enchantment, the kind of surroundings that befit her transcendent beauty. He saw her as she truly is- a goddess living in the present day, Aphrodite herself dressed in contemporary clothing. It's a testament to the muse-like power of Katherine's beauty.

I adore the sensuality of the first photo, but I have a special place in my heart for the dreamy headshot:

I don't think I've ever seen fair skin photographed in such an attractively natural way. Katherine's complexion looks vividly natural, like soft flesh in real life. The image shows the flushed, fair colouring that true Nordic beauties possess. I love the fact that although the photographer is so creative with colour filtering, for this image he allowed the natural beauty of Katherine's complexion to dazzle the senses. And her expression melts the heart.
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