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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I am infatuated with the entire series. The images are so beautiful that I would love to frame them and display them proudly. They truly are works of art.

This shoot is a synthesis of many of the richest themes that have come up on the forum of late.

Most important of all, the model is gorgeous, youthful, and genuinely full-figured. Katherine is also fair-featured, thus the epitome of Victorian ideals.

Equally vital is the fact that she has the talent to generate such passionate, romantic expressions -- looks that stir the heart -- and to tell a story in each picture.

Then, there are the stunning locations, with sublime woods and pretty flowers and Neo-Gothic architecture.

The model's lacy top is like something out of a museum, a couture piece, and it sensually shows off her luscious contours -- thus making it both an expression of elegant Old World femininity and a seductive display of opulent curves.

Even the very presentation of these images as paintings-come-to-life draws on the art-gallery tradition that informs this site and provides the historical background to full-figured femininity.

This shoot brings together many separate elements that each epitomize a traditional, timeless aesthetic -- utterly at odds with the harsh ugliness of the modern world -- and synthesizes them into an ideal presentation of true beauty.

Bravo to everyone involved for creating this visual enchantment.
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