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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: Nordic Beauty

The Muse modelling agency in New York recently added a plus-size board--a fact that will thrill and delight aficionados of timeless beauty no end, because to mark this launch, the agency has released three of the most gorgeous images of Kailee O'Sullivan that fans have ever seen.

These pictures find Miss O'Sullivan presenting her own take on the artistically fulfilling natural ideal testing theme, with Kailee accessing her Northern European heritage. The environment is very Nordic, recalling a Scandinavian setting or the more austere locales of the Canadian Shield. The craggy rocks of the peninsula in the background, the icy water, and the overcast sky present exactly the kind of cold environment that nurtured the fair beauty of which Kailee is a perfect embodiment. Her pale complexion, showing just the barest hint of a flush, is a legacy of a spare climate such as this, where the perpetually cloudy skies protected feminine skin from excessive sun exposure. And yet there is teeming life in this stark environment, as evidenced by the wild grasses that provide Kailee with a soft, natural carpet. Note the tiny yellow wildflowers blossoming by Kailee's feet, as if symbolizing how Kailee herself is a lovely blossom in this unforgiving landscape. Beauty will thrive in such challenging surroundings, and it may even be prettier than the luxuriance found in a cultivated garden, just as a tiny wild strawberry is smaller but has a taste that is far tangier than that of its larger, domesticated cousin. Observe how Kailee's tresses introduce an arresting element of colour into this environment, with a hue just rich enough to dazzle the eye but not so bright that it would intrude into the setting. The model's noble expression and wintry Romantic beauty harmonize perfectly with the Viking locale, evoking the true spirit of the North in all of its austere loveliness.

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The second image perfectly emblematizes why luscious, full-figured femininity was the dominant ideal of womanly beauty in Northern Europe throughout the centuries. Consider the cold, merciless grandeur of the location shown in the previous photograph, and now contrast it with the soft voluptuousness of the following image. For Nordic man, living in such a grim, if majestic, environment required a respite, which he found at home, by the hearth, in the fleshy sensuality of his well-fed beloved. In this image, Kailee perfectly epitomizes what a fair Scandinavian beauty might have looked like throughout history, not only in her fair complexion, but even in her ivory sweater, which has a homespun look, as if it has been knitted by hand, as in days of old. The model's white top gives her a quality of purity even as it alluringly, abundantly discloses her buxom curves. She is both virginal and maternal, both angelic and earthy. Even the way in which the photograph dissolves into white at the borders suggests that this is a dream vision, perhaps the last sight that a dying warrior sees in his mind's eye--a vision of his young bride--before he is taken to Valhalla. And yet observe that this is truly a vision of ideal beauty such as conceived in the Old World, for even in this fantasy image, there is no artifice about the model. Rather, she is very physically real, with soft creases in her neck and a whisper of a flush at the cheeks. Kailee is both seductive and nurturing, reconciling the two traditional attributes of ideal womanhood.

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For her headshot, Kailee returns to the austere demeanour of the first image in this thread, a proud bearing that, paradoxically, also highlights her almost childlike youth. In this image, Kailee creates the persona of a young girl in a rugged environment who is old beyond her years--not merely in the fact that she has an "old soul," but that life experiences have shown her the grim reality of the world, far before her time. One imagines her as a girl who has grown up in a era of strife, perhaps in a war-torn land. Continuing the narrative of the second image in white, above, this may be the same young beauty after her beloved has perished by the sword of the enemy, leaving her alone in this world. Yet she is undaunted, despite her youth, and is ready to brave whatever other challenges life throws at her, though she will forever carry the memory of her departed love. The arrangement of her tresses perfectly symbolizes her character, for although her hair is excitingly wild and tangled, it naturally forms itself into a raw echo of cascading waves. Once again, the model's beauty is just like the environment around her, a wild flower that has blossomed amid the tundra, and is all the prettier for its unadorned, natural charm.

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Bravo to Miss O'Sullivan for creating such vivid, artistic images, so powerfully expressive and richly thematic--among the very finest of her career.

We wish Kailee further triumphs with her new agency, and in turn, we wish Muse Plus every success. By signing Miss O'Sullivan and publishing such romantic images of this model, this new plus-size board is off to a very good start.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Kailee's portfolio at Muse

- The Muse Plus division

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