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Default Re: London Fashion Week promoting anorexia (article)

Unfortunately, as the following article indicates, the fall edition of London Fashion Week, which took place a few weeks ago, was just as toxic in its promotion of anorexia as the spring event in February.

Says the article:

Super skinny is still ‘in’

Despite their insistence that they no longer advocate ‘anorexic chic,’ the runways of this year’s LFW were largely occupied by shockingly thin models. With xylophone ribs and matchstick legs, it is clear that the industry isn’t listening to calls from various groups for healthier, fuller figured models.

Undoubtedly true, but why should this surprise anyone? The premise that the fashion industry will somehow magically reform itself, stop triggering eating disorders, and begin showcasing larger bodies is a hopeless delusion.

Until this pernicious industry is forced to change, it will continue fostering anorexia in perpetuity. And such compulsion for this industry to change can only come from government regulation, given that the fashion industry is a top-to-bottom monopoly where the editors, photographers, clients, all collude in the promotion of anorexia, as the industry self-selects its own members to exclusively comprise the 1% of society which has a fetish for emaciation.

With this monopoly in place, women have nowhere else to go for fashion. It's Vogue or Elle and their sort, or nothing. And while it's nice to dream about everyone suddenly "protesting with their wallets," that will never happen. Women need clothing, and they want fashion advice. Short of becoming Amish and sewing one's own wardrobe (a lovely dream, but not realistic), the fashion industry has society over a barrel.

Only government regulation can end the industry's abuses, once and for all, and the sooner it happens, the more lives will be saved.
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