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Default Re: More Natural Beauty

Maurice's has also photographed a fine fall campaign in a stunning natural setting, featuring a model named Amber Hebdon, who won a recent Maurice's model search. With measurements 40-33-46, she qualifies as a legitimate full-figured model.

These images were apparently shot in Scout Mountain State Park.

If anything, I think the behind-the-scenes photo is even more attractive in its display of the stunning vistas and the sunlit greenery.

Maurice's also features two images of Amber in an attractive 19th-century style interior that epitomizes the opulent maximalism of the fin-de-sičcle.

These were shot at a location called the Standrod House:

The Standrod House was built by Drew & Emma Standrod. The construction began in 1895 and was finished in 1902. It is the finest example of Victorian architecture and the most historic house in the state of Idaho

It does have a castle-like, Neo-Renaissance beauty, doesn't it?

A Maurice's 'blog from the shoot offers more information about the locale. Apparently, the model herself suggested the setting, which was a fine choice.


Amber had suggested this great place to shoot called the Standrod House. It was built by a judge in 1900 and has undergone a series of restorations over the past several decades. Once a tour-able facility, this house is now privately owned and rarely open to the public. We were able to get access to this beautiful piece of Pocatello history for Amber's photos, thanks to some personal connections.

The house is full of history and has been restored and decorated with all sorts of curiosities from times long forgotten. The decór includes furniture, dolls, books, statues, artwork, and vases. Absolutely everything had a story.

I also found this moody image of the Standrod House that I thought I'd share. It reminds me a little of the colour scheme of the nocturnal photograph in Katherine Roll's recent shoot with Patrick Brassard.

Bravo to Maurice's for devoting the resources to shooting in such attractive locations. The indoor opulence of the Victorian house harmonizes with the lush greenery and sweeping vistas of the outdoor setting. The result is an overall impression of a world of unmodern, traditional, timeless beauty.
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