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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I keep coming back to these images time and again. Every aspect of the shoot contributes to its magic. I would like to add a word of praise for both the hairstyling and the cosmetics artistry. The makeup can really be appreciated in the second photo, where Katherine's skin tone looks so natural and beautiful, and especially in the choice of such a luscious red lip colour. In this care, red is a perfect choice because it helps Katherine create the persona of a young girl with romantic longings, perhaps dreaming of a sweet kiss.

Katherine's hairstyle in the first, second, and fourth photos reminds me of the styles that ChloŽ Agnew wears in concert when she has her hair straight and long. It's a lovely look and makes Katherine appear especially girlish. This has a very interesting effect both when Katherine's expressions work with the youthfulness, and when they contrast with it. For example, in the second photo, she generates a very sweet look, so with this hairstyle she looks fresh and young. On the other hand, in the fourth photograph, she looks very mature, so the hairstyle helps to soften what is otherwise an enigmatic look.

And speaking of the atmospheric fourth photo, I find it very compelling. It's an essential part of the quartet and a masterpiece of dark sensuality. Her pose is irresistibly beguiling, both physically believable and sinuously alluring. Plus, the image exhibits Katherine's gorgeous top better than any other photograph. I think of the picture as depicting a late-night assignation. Katherine might even be personifying some of the magnetic seductiveness of a female vampire, without being too stagey; just utterly compelling.

It amazes me that one model could create so many diverse looks and expressions, capture so many different moods and sensations, and evoke such rich emotions. I am as much in awe of Katherine's talent as of her breathtaking beauty.
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