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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Magic and Mystery

I love the newest colour photograph because it offers a clear view of Katherine's pretty blouse, and because Katherine's eyes are so fetching. But every picture in this series is a dream come true. When I look at these photos, it's like someone took my ultimate fantasy of what the fashion world could be, at its most beautiful, and made it a reality.

Who wouldn't prefer photographs like this to what the fashion world often gives us? Instead of repellent pictures of anorexic cadavers, here's a luscious, shapely, robustly full-figured model. Instead of weird designer concoctions that are created merely for shock value, here are gorgeous fashions that are eminently wearable yet enhance a woman's femininity, making her look both elegant and seductive (the perfect mix). Instead of grim snapshots of urban blight, here are vibrant, natural locations that capture the imagination.

But as Graham said so well, the model is the key to it all. Every other attractive element in the photos exists to frame Katherine's beauty. She's the one who brings the photos to life, with her loveliness and talent.

Of all of the exciting images created by the plus-size fashion industry, I look forward to Katherine's photoshoots most of all.
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