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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas runway show

Originally Posted by Hannah
Here, at last, is the much-anticipated video of the recent KauÍ Modas runway show (a spring/summer display, as the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere).

I wish it were a full-length video instead of edited snippets

At least the KauÍ video includes footage of all of Mayara's looks in the August runway show. The most exciting outfit is the closely fitted top at 0:11 which closely defines her soft, full middle, but really, all of the looks celebrate the luscious fullness of Mayara's waist. She has an utterly gorgeous figure, perhaps the finest of any plus-size model in the world, and I applaud KauÍ for allowing her to comfortably show off her opulent curves on the catwalk. She absolutely beams with delight at her own beauty. Her self-assurance is so empowering.

KauÍ also just published a new catalogue dubbed "Orange Juice," which highlights the citrus hue that is a major fashion trend this spring in Brazil (for it is currently springtime in South America).

The catalogue cover shows a stunning Mayara headshot,

and the lookbook opens up to show an image of Mayara in a sensual lounging pose.

I love this outfit. The thin belt draws the dress close enough to the model's body to indicate the swell of her midsection but doesn't compress it.

It's a pleasure to see Mayara adopting a playing-with-the-hair pose, which is always enticing.

Even though these print image don't indicate the fullness of Mayara's lovely waist as openly as the runway footage does, the contours of her figure are still visible.

Beautiful over-the-shoulder shot.

An attractive acknowledgment of her generous midsection.

Here's the loveliest headshot of the catalogue, with a sensual display of bare flesh.

Further attractive images.

If only North American plus-size retailers could shoot campaigns as size-positive as this and with as lavishly full-figured a model as Mayara Russi. Her size-22 figure is gorgeous, and everything she wears looks great on her, yet she manages to show curvy women how every article of clothing will look on someone with true plus-size proportions.
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