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Default Re: Katrina van Tassel: Disney's curvy heroine

Tamika's lyrical description of Katrina is like something out of a storybook. I adore every sensual word:

Originally Posted by Tamika
Though she may somewhat resemble Disney’s Cinderella, the later princess cannot ever hope to match Katrina’s womanly physicality. Buxom and voluptuous, there is undeniable weight in her figure. Her bust is full, with plump arms and legs, and soft, rounded hands. Her face is visibly fuller than that of any other Disney heroine, indicating that she was explicitly designed to be curvaceous. The narration testifies to this, quoting Irving’s original text at her first appearance: “...plump as a partridge, ripe, melting, and rosy-cheeked.”

She possesses the fair features of a fairy-tale princess: golden hair, blue eyes, and a rosy complexion shaded by a parasol, one of the most traditionally ladylike of accessories. Her soft facial structure is wonderfully doll-like, with full, sensual rose-pink lips and wide eyes framed by fluttering lashes. Katrina has all the hallmarks of timeless beauty.

Not only is it wonderful for young girls, who admire Disney princesses so much, to be exposed to such a visibly curvaceous female heroine, but the way in which Katrina is revered by everyone in the film for her beauty is just as important. Katrina is placed in a context where the adoration of her full-figured beauty is the central feature of the story. In seeing this worship of Katrina, curvy girls can recognize that they can and should feel beautiful in their full figures. Katrina's example teaches them that beauty is their friend, not their enemy, and that it is something they already possess. It's all in how they present themselves.

I wish Katrina were better known. Even with less exposure than other Disney heroines, she has still attracted a great deal of attention among young girls, as expressed in things like fan art. I'll share some of the lovely examples I've found.

A ravishing online signature of Katrina. The fullness of her figure is evident, especially in the arms and bust.

More signature graphics.

I especially admire this graphic (found here). It reminds me of a painting by Alphonse Mucha. It also causes me to reflect that while it is true that Katrina's gowns give her the appearance of a full-blown flower (as Tamika states), Katrina's design also somewhat echoes a partridge ("plump as a partridge"), with the slip underneath her dress having a fringe that's reminiscent of feathers. The way she walks, during the picnic scene, also creates the partridge impression.

These are so pretty (discovered here).

Disney sells at least three bits of memorabilia related to Katrina, in the form of pins and shields.

Also, in at least one case, that of a "Disney Princess calendar from Japan," Katrina is included among the Disney princesses. Her figure isn't quite rendered as generously as it is in the movie, but nevertheless, as the image illustrates, the question of who is the loveliest princess definitely comes down to Aurora vs. Katrina. Aurora has the long, golden hair, but Katrina has the rounder face and fuller figure.

As a matter of fact, one bit of fan art I found cleverly inserts Katrina in a still from Snow White. At last, Katrina is with the kind of suitor she deserves, a true prince! And I wouldn't put it past the coquettish Katrina to capture the heart of Prince Charming, stealing him away from Snow White...

Oh, and this is Disney a production cell I found. Katrina's arms are rendered attractively full.

The influence of Disney princesses on young girls is tremendous. How I wish that Katrina were better known. Imagine if Disney sold an actual Katrina doll! If they did, then she would be the quasi "plus-size Barbie" that we have all been waiting for. Were it not for the unfortunately constricted waist, Katrina would be an ideal image for young girls to encounter, both in her soft, rounded appearance and in the way her full figure is adored by everyone in the movie.
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