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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: Nordic Beauty

Muse has now updated Kailee's portfolio with a number of extra images. I find this picture especially striking. Her complexion is remarkably fair and wintry, while the scarf blowing in the breeze is a beautiful touch of feminine colour in what is otherwise an image with a muted colour palette. The rocky ground maintains the Nordic quality of the previous images, still suggesting a flinty Scandinavian land, or the cold Canadian North.

I love the drama of Kailee's tresses blowing in the wind. It reminds me of the initial images of Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings, when she gazes across the plains from the hilltop of Edoras, and the breeze catches her hair. Kailee's expression is vulnerable, but there's also a profound emotion in her eyes, like the look of a young girl who has endured travail but retained her fresh innocence and virtue. The delicacy of the sheer fabric of her dress echoes the feminine fragility of the model's features. Yet her buxom curves, which the dress indicates, give her a robust physicality, for all of the fragile quality that she possesses.

This picture, on the other hand, is vivid and arresting. Kailee's eyes bore into the very soul. Even in black and white, you can feel their icy blue illumination. Her face is beautifully round and doll-like, but the passion that she transmits via her mesmerizing eyes humbles the viewer and makes him feel enthralled. This is an amazing example of how a model can convey potency in a feminine way, captivating but without aggression. Her thick, luxuriant tresses give her impact of a lioness.

Breathtaking images from a surpassingly gorgeous model.
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