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Default Re: Katrina van Tassel: Disney's curvy heroine

Here's a little extra for everyone who loves this film. I found a YouTube upload of an episode of long-running television series The Wonderful World of Disney built around the Legend of Sleepy Hollow movie.

No, it's not the famous Hallowe'en special, which we all remember, but rather an episode focussed on the author of the tale:,Washington Irving.

The first two portions of the program, which I've posted here, present a 16-minute Disney short about the life of Irving. It's actually a rather enjoyable little film, giving an idyllic picture of life in the early days of the U.S., with many interesting scenes of Irving's visit to Europe.

It's wonderful to see Walt Disney himself introducing the program. If there was ever a legitimately great American, one who has enriched the cultural life of the broad mass of humanity, it's Mr. Disney. He helped European-Americans reconnect with their forgotten, Old World cultural roots, and his legacy continues to fill children's minds with magic and wonder.

At the 6-minute mark of the second video, the actual Legend of Sleepy Hollow movie begins, at which point it's better to watch the links that Tamika provided, as they show the film with much truer colours and superior clarity.

By the way, Irving's actual tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is wonderfully written. It's both an excitingly spooky story and a sincere pleasure to read, and is rightly considered the first great classic of American literature. It's brief too, more a longer short story or a novella than a novel.

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