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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

And now, by kind permission of Angel Sinclair at M.O.D. (which organized Curves in Couture), we are able to share our amateur videos of the Anna Scholz and Jill Alexander Designs shows from last night.

Professional footage will undoubtedly be released in the future, but for now, we are privileged to offer these exciting glimpses of the two finest collections of the evening, both featuring the lovely Miss Sheppard.

In the first video, presenting the Anna Scholz line, Sophie emerges at 3:14.

In the second video, Sophie is the second girl to walk, igniting the runway from the moment of her first appearance at 0:22.

Unlike the various plus-size labels that regularly stage faux-plus fashion events, Curves in Couture now joins FFFWeek in the all-too-exclusive ranks of enterprises that have put true, timeless beauty on the runway.

Will there ever come a day when Sophie, Kelsey, Katherine, and all of the rest of the industry's most gorgeous and popular authentically full-figured models walk in the same show? One can only hope--but as this year's FFFWeek and the premier edition of Curves in Couture have demonstrated, even the wildest dreams do sometimes come true.

Congratulations again to Angel Sinclair, Anna Scholz, Jill Alexander, and Anna Shillinglaw (among many others) for making many plus-size women's hopes a reality.
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