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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

From the videos, it looks like it was an utterly amazing event. The fashions look terrific. There's nothing the least bit apologetic about them, just a confident celebration of womanly curves. This pro-curvy design aesthetic is exciting to see, as it indicates that the labels attribute the same level of self-assurance to their customers; or, just as importantly, they feel that by giving their customers these body-adoring fashions, those customers will develop the confidence that the fashions suggest.

I definitely agree that Sophie is the standout model in both shows. I wish every model had her richness of curves. She's the most attractive of all of the girls on the catwalk, by far - really in a league of her own - and she is also the most lusciously proportioned - which is a thrilling combination, and just how it should be. I think her runway footage shows the full measure of her beauty even more vividly than her still photos. She really is the kind of plus-size model that curvy women have been asking to be represented by, for years: a truly full-figured model, and also youthful and drop-dead gorgeous.

Both of the looks she wore are outstanding stylish and curve-affirming. The body-conscious Anna Scholz dress boldly defines her figure, tracing every perfect contour. The Jill Alexander outfit is semi-fitted, but it shows off her physique just as seductively, with Sophie's curves forming the fabric into an alluring, womanly shape. Plus, it's red, and Sophie looks luscious in red, especially with that berry lip colour and the red blossom in her hair. What a look! Also, it's sleeveless, and Sophie has such gorgeous arms that she should show them off in every picture she takes. Stunning.

I found a few behind-the-scenes photos at the Anna Scholz page. Here, Sophie is in the centre of the frame, in a profile pose that showcases her beguiling curves.

Second from the right, looking like an angel.

Best of all, Anna Scholz included a solo photo of Miss Sheppard, uploaded at a larger size.

Full size:

It's not just that Sophie is so unforgettably beautiful. It's also that she exhibits a self-assurance in her curves that's irresistible. By showing off these fashion-forward, feminine styles with such limitless confidence, she shows all curvy women how they deserve to dress, and how they deserve to feel, when they step into the world.
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