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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

Originally Posted by Hannah
The body-conscious Anna Scholz dress boldly defines her figure, tracing every perfect contour. The Jill Alexander outfit is semi-fitted, but it shows off her physique just as seductively, with Sophie's curves forming the fabric into an alluring, womanly shape. Plus, it's red, and Sophie looks luscious in red, especially with that berry lip colour and the red blossom in her hair. What a look! Also, it's sleeveless, and Sophie has such gorgeous arms that she should show them off in every picture she takes.

I agree. I think every full-figured woman, seeing these videos and photos, will want both of Sophie's dresses in her own closet. These outfits are size-affirming and beauty-adoring, and the model's delicious figure shows exactly how attractive they actually look on a shapely, natural physique.

I found a few more photos online. Jill Alexander has an album of her collection uploaded, which features two photos of Sophie turning up the heat in that arresting red dress. I've associated Sophie with red ever since her Vogue Italia shoot, where she was presented in a similarly hot-red hue in many photographs.

The larger versions show attractive details, like the seductive embrace of the dress at the model's waist and Sophie's gorgeous arms. (When a model has arms this lovely, sleeveless should be mandatory.) It's between Sophie and Katherine Roll for the distinction of which plus-size model has the most gorgeous figure in the industry.

I love the contrast between Sophie's cherubic looks and the devilry of such a red dress. Half angel, half temptress; all goddess.

Here are the full-size versions:

Also M.O.D. itself has an album showing a variety of looks from the night. I think the Jill Alexander portion has not yet been published, but the album includes four excellent photos of Sophie in her Anna Scholz dress. It's remarkable to see the many different expressions that Sophie generated on the runway. The looks are compelling enough to make each of these a publishable photograph. It's remarkable that Sophie can present herself so perfectly on the go, as it were.

I especially admire these two expressions. First, an enchantingly sweet look, with Sophie at her gentlest and prettiest; a dream of beauty.

Second, an utterly different demeanour, now transforming into a sultry vixen. Her range is phenomenal.

Full-size photos:
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