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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

Perhaps the finest pictures I've found yet -- these are by Alessandro Capoccetti, who has two full albums of high-quality photos from the show. The second album features three terrific photos of Sophie as the lady in red. It's like the dress was made just for her, as it shows off her stunning figure so beautifully.

My favourite runway photo so far:

Extra kudos to the photographer for include a reverse-view shot as well. The whole beauty of a fashion show is that it has plus-size models showing off their outfits (and their figures) from every angle, a 360-degree view, so it's wonderful that this shooter captures the beautiful look of the dress from the back as well as the front.

Larger size:

The photographer's first CiC album includes three shots of Sophie in the Anna Scholz dress with the House of Scarlet accessory. I'm still fascinated by how both dresses showcase the model's amazing curves, but in such different ways. The Jill Alexander dress suggest the sensual curves of waist, while the Anna Scholz item celebrates her womanly hips. Truly, she looks phenomenal in everything she wears.

Larger size:
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