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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

Here are links to three more images that I've been able to turn up; first, the luscious Jill Alexander look:

Next, two pics featuring the perfectly fitted Anna Scholz dress.

Nevertheless, while all of the images posted have been terrific, it's the videos (amateur though they may be) that give a real sense of the dynamic vitality of the runway show. The way in which Sophie commands the catwalk when she walks, it's clear that modelling is what she was born to do. Also, the images show the sensual commotion in her figure as she presents the Anna Scholz dress, as well as how she transitions from one expression to another to give the photographers many choices when selecting which stills to publish.

Originally Posted by HSG
In the second video, Sophie is the second girl to walk, igniting the runway from the moment of her first appearance at 0:22.

"Igniting" the runway is right! Sophie has such a serene demeanour and a gentle look, so to see her dressed in an outfit that exudes hot-blooded passion, with a tropical flower in her hair, is a thrilling blend of contrasts. In the persona that Sophie creates for this part of the show, it's like the dress externalizes the fire that smoulders within her, just beneath her aristocratic poise.

A Santa Cruz newspaper ran a brief story about Jill Alexander's collection at Curves in Couture, complete with an image of Sophie's look.

I think we're all very, very grateful to Anna Scholz and Jill Alexander for fielding such exciting collections at this event.
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