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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

What I find especially inspiring about Sophie is that not only is her figure beautifully proportioned, but it is also a very natural physique, as soft and rounded as that of a true full-figured women. Too often, it seems that plus-size models, whatever their size, have over-toned, gym-tortured, unnaturally hard physiques that just aren't relatable. But while Sophie's angelic beauty is aspirational, she also has a feminine, natural physique that is gorgeous and also appealing in real-world terms. People tend to think of the "aspirational" and "real woman" concepts of modelling as polar opposites, but Sophie takes the best of both worlds and unites them into a look that is truly ideal. I hope she keeps this appealing, natural curvaceousness.

And my goodness, to watch the supreme confidence and poise and energy that she exhibits on the runway is truly empowering. She owns her beauty in a way that I've seldom seen even the finest plus-size models exhibit. What an inspiring model.
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