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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

Sophie's beauty is beyond compare. If there is any model who truly merits being described as a goddess, it's her.

Something that fascinated me in the videos was how abbreviated the runway was, compared to FFFWeek, but how well the models made use of it. For example, you'll notice that Sophie doesn't just walk down the runway once, turn, and leave, but performs a modelling coda or encore, walking back along the catwalk a second time. The other models do this as well. It's a nice visual, and is a very effective way to extend the length of a model's time on the runway when the catwalk isn't that long. It allows for more creativity on the models' part.

I also adore the bewitching pouting expression that Sophie adopts for just a moment, at the end of the runway, when she walks for Jill Alexander.

Gorgeous model. Spectacular show.
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