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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Curves in Couture

Originally Posted by HSG
the event benefitted from being staged at a venue called The Tabernacle, a converted church still exhibiting attractive Neo-Gothic elements, which gave the show a historical atmosphere that harmonized with the opulent figures on the runway. The lights and music were effectively utilized. This was a very professional-looking show with admirably fine production values.

Very much so. The venue for this event looks like it was a really attractive setting. I found the web site of The Tabernacle, where Curves in Couture was held, and it's a lovely, old, 19th-century church, which was mercifully not torn down after being deconsecrated but turned into an attractive events centre.

How wonderful that this show was held in a historic locale and not in some grim, modernist space, which, with hard angles and bleak emptiness, would have been incongruous with the round, curvy, beautifully feminine bodies on the runway.

These three images were posted by Forbeson, the company that did the lighting for the show. This is something that FFFWeek and Curves in Couture have in common as well -- an attention to detail and to high production values, giving the events a feeling of legitimacy. I love the vault ceiling and the wooden rafters.

The lighting company did a great job illuminating the space in attractive colours. How fitting that the seating in the upper gallery comprised church pews: it's as if the space was a Temple of Beauty, and Sophie was a present-day Aphrodite, a Goddess of Beauty to be worshipped.

Curvy lectern.

Sophie's agency, Bella Models, has publicly posted this cute photo of Miss Sheppard joining several other models enjoying dinner together the day after the show. Not only does Sophie look just as gorgeous in a casual context as she does when she's dressed up for the runway, but it's empowering to see models actually eating. This is the subversive potential of full-figured fashion goddesses like Miss Sheppard: they show young women that they can be gorgeous and enjoy food, enjoy life, rather than starving themselves. I love this photo.

And here's a great picture of Sophie with Jill Alexander, as posted on the designer's Facebook page. Jill is, of course, the brilliant designer who garbed Sophie in red for the runway show and presented her looking like a tropical flower in full bloom.

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