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Default The Fruits of Nature

I am in love with this photoshoot. Absolutely in love. It's a rebuke to anyone who has ever tried to hide the gorgeous, plus-size female body in black fabric, and is an open celebration of stunning curves. These are the most size-positive images I've ever seen of Katherine, and also the most beautiful. I adore the settings, the hairstyle, the poses (so passionate), and the gorgeous fashions. Every look in this test is a must-have.

Originally Posted by HSG
Don't miss the connection between the trim at this top's neckline and the pink blossoms in Katherine's necklace in the lemon-yellow headshot.

I did notice that! The wardrobe feels like a cohesive designer's collection, with details connecting every item, and the whole theme being, "The Fruits of Nature." It seems like a couture line from a major runway show, which was given an editorial spread in a major fashion magazine.

Originally Posted by HSG
The final new image from this series may be the most tantalizing of all, not only because the model wears a dress that is outright red--the colour of love, of the rose, of the heart, and of the ripest, most succulent fruit--but also because it is a headshot, making this the only one of Katherine's looks that fans have not yet seen full-length.

But I desperately want to see it full-length! Oh, goodness, I hope that Katherine will share a full view of this look. What there is, is enchanting. I want to see the complete outfit! Pretty please...
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