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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

I really don't think I've ever seen a photoshoot that more beautifully depicts full-figured womanhood than this heavenly series. I simply adore everything about it, from the fashions to the locations to the hairstyle to the poses to the most important aspect of all: Katherine's sumptuous size-18 beauty.

In fact, it's the size-positive qualities of the images that really take my breath away. I've admired Miss Roll for her astounding loveliness in every photo shoot she's ever done, but these are the first test photos that she has created which celebrate the opulent fullness of her figure in the way that her runway photos from FFFWeek do.

The original post notes several of these alluringly pro-curvy details:

Originally Posted by HSG
The most sensual feature of all in this photo is the sight of the seductive dimples at the model's knuckles and wrists. Such irresistibly feminine details exclusively distinguish true plus-size goddesses, and are among the most alluring physical characteristics that any girl can possess.
Originally Posted by HSG
By far the most sensual aspect of the image, and the most size-celebratory detail in any photograph in this entire test, is the sight of the model's shapely thighs pressing against the fabric of her yellow dress, forming undulating curves, as if her pretty outfit can hardly contain the fullness of her physique.
I'm delighted to actually see these features in the model's photos, and thankful that they weren't airbrushed away. It's by coupling such visible aspects of feminine fullness with a goddess as attractive as Katherine that curvy girls can really come to love their well-fed figures and to see the beauty that they possess.

It's not enough to point out that there is no such thing as a figure "flaw"; what plus-size girls need to understand is that the very same physical features that most clearly identify them as being plus-size are the very traits that are most alluring. Their most distinctively plus features are their most beautiful features. These pictures vividly prove this point.
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