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Default Re: The Fruits of Nature

Every time I think Katherine has achieved the ultimate expression of her personal attractiveness, she tops herself. But this time, truly, I think she has reached the absolute zenith of her beauty. She appears curvier, more alluring, and more desirable in these photos than ever before. Also, she expresses raw emotions that make these photos incredibly exciting, like the wildness of the first photo, or the deep, soulful longing of her red-dress headshot.

Originally Posted by Tanya
The wardrobe feels like a cohesive designer's collection, with details connecting every item, and the whole theme being, "The Fruits of Nature."

I agree. The point has been made here before that nature is an infallible colour-coordinator, and these images capitalize on this fact. The lemon yellows, and cranberry pinks, and grape purples, and cherry reds, would all appear beautiful on their own, but they look ten times more scrumptious set against the deep, rich greenery of the foliage around Katherine. Also, I love the play of light in these images, with how the backgrounds appear brightly lit in certain areas, but dark and shadowy in others. This creates a diverse palette of greens that sets off the vibrant hues of Katherine's outfits especially well.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that to create perfect images of beauty via plus-size-fashion photography, the choice of background is exactly as important as the wardrobe - no less. Obviously, the model herself is the supremely significant element, the make-or-break aspect of a photo. It's all about her! But the rest of the impression (say, 30% of the overall impact) is divided evenly between the clothing and the locations.

An image of a gorgeous model with lovely attire, but photographed in a bare studio or an ugly modern setting, can only be appreciated despite the incongruous element of the inappropriate backdrop, just as an image of a gorgeous model in a lovely setting but photographed with ugly modern or androgynous fashions, can only be appreciated despite the incongruous element of repellent clothing.

In these images, Katherine is as beautiful as any girl can possibly be, her fashions are as gorgeous as any I've ever seen, and the locations are idyllic woodland glades that provide the perfect framing for the model and her ultra-feminine attire. It all unites the evoke a paradisaical, prelapsarian realm of sheer enchantment.
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