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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

The interplay of bright, primary wardrobe colours and muted natural backgrounds is very effective, just like Renaissance paintings in which goddesses in red drapery are placed amid lush, green settings.

Plus, the evocative locations help tell the story just as much as Katherine's alluring poses and gorgeous wardrobe do. For example, in this image, the wooden bench on which she rests is a love seat - it's made for two, and Katherine sits to one side, leaving a place open for someone to join her, as if offering a subtle invitation. Who wouldn't dream of stepping into the world of the photo and joining this goddess in this idyllic retreat?

Originally Posted by HSG
The next picture celebrates feminine curvaceousness in a coquettishly girlish way. Katherine's come-hither gaze recalls the coy flirtatiousness of a '50s pin-up, but her feline eyes add an extra touch of minx-like allure. The way in which the model coyly accentuates her hips, via her sitting position, is utterly beguiling--and consciously so.

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With her body-conscious attire, her rounded figure, and her kittenish poses, Katherine finds a way to achieve the ultimate in heart-stopping seductiveness yet always remain tasteful. She creates the kind of rich sensuality that one sees in Old Master paintings, but made youthful and contemporary. She's Helena Fourment or Lillian Russell dressed in trendy, girly clothing. She's the true "dream girl" that the human heart desires - far more so than the cadavers that the media rolls out in a non-stop barrage of tanorexic emaciation. Luscious, abundant, uninhibited beauty - true beauty.
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