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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

I realize that many of Katherine's fans have celebrated her for her lovely arms, and I feel compelled to add my voice to this chorus of praise. It's tragic and infuriating to see how the media culture defames any trait of curvaceousness in women, so to see a model alluringly displaying her gorgeous, round arms is both beautiful and empowering.

Originally Posted by HSG
Katherine's luscious arms appear sensually soft and full and rounded, as perfectly formed as if Praxiteles himself had sculpted them in marble.

The model's weighty limbs and her recumbent pose given the image a sensual quality of feminine lassitude. The image effectively underscores Katherine's goddess identity, depicting a persona who is too seductively indolent for any exertion, but prefers reposing in the grass and being passively worshipped for her beauty.

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Also, I love the dreamlike sense of relaxation and pleasure that these images convey, a world of escape and vacation enjoyment, where girls can comfortably exhibit their curvaceous selves and be adored, as they deserve. Above all, it is the lush fullness of Katherine's beauty and her sensual expressions that evokes these sensations. These images really are works of art.
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