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Default Re: John Martin: Apocalypse

Happy 13th anniversary to the Judgment of Paris! May this site enjoy many more years of flourishing success, serving as a beacon of light within the darkness of our modern culture.

This is an absolutely fantastic post. Thank you so much for composing such a brilliant, fascinating essay. John Martin is an unparallelled master of the Sublime on canvas. Each one of his images veritably explodes with passion and emotion, whether it be his preferred subject of the terrifying Sublime or his rarer ventures into the breathtaking Beautiful.

How wonderful it is to see Pandemonium paired with its sister painting, The Celestial City and the Rivers of Bliss! I cannot think of a more striking epitomization of the contrast between the Sublime and the Beautiful.

I just wish I could see this exhibition with my own eyes! I can hardly imagine how deeply affecting these works would be when viewed in real life, as their massive scope and scale utterly absorbs and consumes the viewer. I am amazed at the still from the promotional film that displays a woman standing before the canvas of The Great Day of His Wrath. Its size is truly incredible. Such a masterpiece of eschatological Romanticism must be overwhelming to view in real life.

Martin's works, as so wonderfully presented in this post, are perfect examples of the grandeur of the Romantic era -- an era where plus-size beauty was revered as the embodiment of the Beautiful, just as Martin's canvases revere the awe-inspiring power of the Sublime. By appreciating exhibitions such as this, we are keeping the spirit of Romanticism alive amidst the prosaicism of the modern world.
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