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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

Please add me to this list of readers hoping to see this look in a full-length photo, just the other complete looks have been revealed. It's truly stunning. And how fitting that Katherine saved her most emotional, longing gaze for this outfit -- the red dress, a dress so red as to be the very colour of passion itself. The red stands out against the green background so richly. The voluptuous hairstyle is the crowning touch.

Originally Posted by HSG

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Her gaze conveys a searching, yearning quality, a hunger that is more than merely physical. The sensation is deeply compelling, because the desire that one sees in her eyes mirrors the nameless longing that her own beauty evokes in the viewer.

So many celebrities and current or former models start clothing lines, usually with middling appeal. But if these outfits represent Katherine's taste, then she may be the one model who I actually wish would start a fashion label. This is the prettiest collection of plus-size wardrobe I've ever seen in one place.
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