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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

For days now, this thread has been my go-to source for inspiration. I'm utterly dazzled by these photos. They're everything I've ever wanted in plus-size fashion imagery. I find it very fitting that Katherine is shown reading a magazine in some of the images, because the feeling I get from the photos reminds me of the pleasurable sensations that the best issues of MODE always gave me: that sense of entering a pro-curvy world where true beauty is appreciated, and where full-figured girls are adored and worshipped specifically because of their luscious, well-fed beauty.

I love every single photo, and find it hard to single any out, because they all go together so well, the colours complementing one another, like a basket of ripe fruit. But my very favourites are the first two, for a specific reason: they show Katherine's limbs and features in the most natural way.

I adore the sensual touches like the dimples at her knuckles and wrist in the headshot. Those traits subconsciously associate Katherine with the soft beauty of a newborn. And for all that she can create such dramatic, mature looks, there really is an adorably babylike quality to Katherine's loveliness, though her expression is so steamy.

In this picture, I'm thrilled that the photograph preserves the slight dimpling/texture of the flesh at her opulent, sumptuous arms. Katherine's beauty is perfect, but her appearance, especially in these photos, is completely natural. Most models' images sacrifice one trait for the other (either showing perfection or naturalness), but these photos capture both qualities.

Katherine's photos always ravish the senses, and she proves, once and for all, that true beauty comes in size 18+.
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