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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Succulent Beauty

For my part, I'm still torn between this series and Katherine's Patrick Brassard test as to which is the loveliest photo shoot of the whole year, but the images in this thread keep drawing me back, time and again. Other commentators have singled out different images for praise, but my own favourite is the following:

Originally Posted by HSG
...a savory dress in a hue somewhere between strawberry pink and cranberry red. The delectable colour of the dress stands out against the lush green verdure like ripe fruit in the height of summertime. The bejewelled necklace enhances the glamour of the outfit, the overall impression of the look being one of luxurious richness, particularly given the opulent fullness of the model's figure.

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Although this is a still image, Katherine creates an impression of movement, imparting to the viewer the sense that she has emerged from behind the tree and is slowly, indolently, taking a pace towards him. Her expression is openly carnal and seductive, with rapacious hunger smouldering within her eyes, an intensity of passion echoed by the vibrant hue of the dress. The image conveys a sensation of full-blown beauty, a presentation in which all restraints have been dispensed with.

With the weather being so wintry, it's wonderful to escape into this steamy, summer-themed photoshoot - especially with this picture, which suggests such luscious fecundity. From the fullness of the model's figure, to her big, voluptuous hairstyle, to the richness of the verdure around her, everything in the image speaks of abundance, and plenty, and unconstrained indulgence.

A gorgeous model in clothing that enriches her beauty and in an environment that best suits her sumptuousness. Heaven on earth.
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