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Congratulations to Tamika on her extraordinary academic success, and best of luck to her in the future. I'm sure that she will distinguish herself in any endeavour she chooses to pursue. At a time when the media gives young women terribly crude and vulgar celebrities to emulate, Tamika is an example of a truly positive role model for girls of her generation -- someone who is classy and intelligent, and who celebrates femininity and tradition, both in how she presents herself and in what she writes about. She seems to be wholly free of modern brainwashing, which may be the greatest testament of all to her discernment.

Also, I would like to thank her for her many fascinating essays for this forum. Her writing for this forum is of professional calibre. My favourites are her posts about Katrina van Tassel and Yang Guifei, but I also greatly appreciate her posts about lolita fashion. I am fascinated by this trend, and Tamika has provided a wealth of information on the subject.
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