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Default Re: Our Queen Grace interview

Half a year later, and I still find this interview to be fascinating and inspiring.

Others have singled out many of the most important quotations, but I also wish to highlight two more passages.

In this comment, Ms. Zelner talks about her pro-curvy approach to design:

MARINA: When you see our collection, you’re not going to see anything that doesn’t accentuate the waist, or the hips, or the bust. Everything that we think about is how to make the body look beautiful and curvy.

I’m very frustrated about some of the outfits that are put out there and make a woman believe that she’s supposed to be covering herself up...There is nothing wrong with, and nothing more beautiful than, a woman’s curves. And to hide them under these free-floating frocks that are put out there, I think is a shame.

How wonderful that her philosophy as a designer is based on body love. It's the same impulse, I'm sure, that prompted her to choose gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models like Kesley and Katherine to show off her apparel. Marina has a sincere aesthetic enthusiasm for the beauty of the generously proportioned female figure. One would think that everyone who works in plus-size fashion would have such inclinations, but they don't, which is why Queen Grace gets it so right, while too many other brands get it wrong.

They should adopt Marina's approach both to designing clothing and to booking models.

On a different note, I appreciate Ms. Zelner's comments about how wearing classy clothing gives a woman a more refined sense of herself, a nobler bearing:

MARINA: When the models were trying on our clothes, they would come in dressed casually, in jeans and shirts. And then they would put on our dresses. They right away reached for their heels, and they stood a little taller, and they straightened out their shoulders, because it raises your self-esteem. It makes you feel beautiful. And every woman wants to feel that way.

It's why I feel that the name of the label, Queen Grace, is so well chosen. The phenomenon that Marina describes indicates how being inspired by the idea of aristocracy and aristocratic values can benefit young women today; how they can apply it in their own lives and become more ladylike -- and beautiful.
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