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Default Re: The Romantic Spirit

Originally Posted by HSG
The initial portions of this episode cover various Romantic conceptions of a golden age, such as childhood and Classical Antiquity. However, the most extraordinary portion of the program begins at 29:45. In this section, the episode offers what may be the only sympathetic and politically untainted view of German Romanticism ever broadcast on English-language television.

The latter half is definitely the most significant segment of the video. However, I was also struck by the castle that appears near the beginning, in the sequence describing childhood, with the quotations from Novalis.

The castle is only seen in shadow, whereas the other castles and cathedrals in the video are shown clearly, in daylight, so I thought I'd post a couple of images of this beautiful structure in broad daylight.

It's called Schloß Lichtenstein, a Neo-Gothic castle that looks like it stepped right out of a fairy-tale. No wonder the program used it to illustrate a sequence describing the golden age of childhood.

Yes, it even has a bona fide wooden bridge approach with a gate, just like a Disney castle -- except this is the real thing.

The interior is every bit as magical, also done up in a pure Gothic style.

The castle's official web site features an extensive gallery, along with a fascinating account of the history of the fortress and of the original Knights of Lichtenstein.
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