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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: Nordic Beauty

This test shoot from Kailee produced some of the most remarkable images of the year. The contrast between Kailee's fleshy, earthy beauty in these photos and her angelic appearance in her IGIGI campaign is remarkable. Both shoots have this in common, though: they showcase Miss O'Sullivan's astounding loveliness in an unforgettable manner.

We are particularly pleased to have shared the original versions of the previous photos. We have since seen the headshot in the top post in this thread endure spectacularly unnecessary photoshopping and colour manipulation, so it is a pleasure to have preserved its original, unaltered appearance, which marvellously displays Miss O'Sullivan's natural beauty.

Kailee's agency, Muse Models, has since released several more photographs from this shoot, masterpieces of sensuality that are well worth sharing. The first image finds her seductively reposing upon a rocky ledge so ancient that it has been worn smooth by the water pounding against it during stormy weather. At the moment, however, the sea is tranquil, yet Kailee's distant, yearning expression gives the image an epic quality. Her skirt is even more folkloric and organic-looking than her top and sweater. The entire outfit appears to date from a past century, but it is wholly believable as clothing, not costume; one senses that this is genuinely what a gorgeous woman in a rustic community would have worn in a bygone era, and it is every bit as naturally beautiful today. The fact that the model's feet are bare adds to the bucolic quality of the ensemble, the sense of freedom, the mixture of loveliness and practicality. The sweeping lines of the skirt harmonize with the curves of the model's body, the waviness of her tresses, and even the contours in the pattern of the rock upon which she reposes.

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A closer view shows how this alluring top highlights the model's voluptuous richness. Her fair complexion has a rosy glow. This is a femininity that is not delicate, but hale and robust. The personal that Kailee creates is that of a well-fed goddess who loves indulging in hearty fare, who comes from a long lineage of noble Irish or Nordic peasantry or village-dwellers who were close to the land and partook of its bounty. She appears young, yet very womanly, in a way that is also characteristic of a past era, when girls would marry and begin families even in their own youth. Her gaze is hauntingly alluring, majestic yet feminine.

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The next image is a slight variation on a photograph that was posted earlier, but it is well worth viewing once more, in a version where the mist rising from the water has subsided somewhat, giving the model a less ethereal, more physical quality. Her expression in this picture is softer, gentler, more vulnerable, while her blouse reveals a more generous view of her décolletage. Her gaze is inward-looking, yet one sense that she is conscious of her display, that she knowingly discloses a heady view of her buxom curves.

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Drawing in closer allows a tantalizing glimpse of the model's bustier, an intimacy that she has generously permitted the viewer as a gesture of trust. The visible fleshiness at the model's neck area is as sensual as her abundant voluptuousness. The intoxicating vulnerability that she exhibits belies the security that she feels in exhibiting her well-fed beauty, as if, in a troubled moment, the model takes solace in the fervent worship and passionate ardour that she knows a disclosure of her sumptuous fullness will enflame.

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The third new release is a tad less entrancing than the previous two photographs, yet still possesses a hypnotic power. Each of these images has a dreamlike quality, with the mist rising off the water, even as the model herself appears very physically real, very fleshy and authentic. There is an alluring weight to Kailee's appearance in these images that is not always present in her photographs. Yet for all of her full-bodied robustness, she still conveys a trace of neediness which is beguiling, an appetitive desire that one can palpably sense about her, an insatiable hunger for more. The dramatic sweep of her tresses, and her gaze--filled as it is with nameless desire--give the image a compelling narrative.

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Kailee's images have ever been able to stir the emotions in a way that few other models can approach, and this series shows her in fine form. It may be the most captivating test that she has ever created (just as her unpublished Modern Bride layout remains the most gorgeous editorial work of her career). She was, and remains, the most romantic of plus-size models, and an utterly unique beauty and talent.

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- Kailee O'Sullivan Galleries

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