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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: Uncovered Bride

I agree with everyone who has commented that these are the most gorgeous images of Kailee's career to date. I've loved many of her campaigns and tests, but the sensuality of these luxurious images is breathtaking. I am dismayed that they were never published. If a major magazine such as Modern Bride had printed them, the world really could have been transformed. They surpass any other editorial with plus-size models I've ever seen in any print magazine. Kailee has never looked more desirable than she does here.

The aesthetic is perfect -- such opulence and carnal seductiveness. Kailee unleashed passions in this shoot that no other model could approach.

Yet of all of the images, even the lingerie photograph with Kailee in the Glamour-like pose, I still think that the seated image posted before is the most alluring of all. How I wish there were a larger version.

I love the original description that was penned to accompany the photo:

Originally Posted by HSG
The naked vanity that Kailee displays in this image is intensely, overwhelmingly sensual. Her expression reveals that she considers herself utterly irresistible--that she is sure of it (and she is absolutely correct). She knows that she can use her beauty to get whatever she wants--effortlessly. Moreover, she realizes that it is the fullness of her figure which makes her so alluring. Her arm is soft and rounded, and she displays it proudly, prominently, like on object of hypnotizing power. Note that she is pulling up her dress to display even more of her luscious thighs--and that in doing so, her forearm looks especially curvy. She knows that it is her own self-indulgence which has made her so entrancing.

With her other arm, she strokes her elegant tresses, to create an even more bewitching effect. The dress, in a classical off-white, is ideally designed to showcase her sumptuous figure. It defines the fullness of her bust, and frames a dizzying expanse of flawless porcelain skin, including her arms, neck area, and shoulders. The dark lipstick is a scintillating touch, enhancing the persona that Kailee creates, giving her a touch of wickedness, even cruelty, that only makes her more alluring.

The fact that she has doffed her shoes contributes to the model's seductive pose, betokening pampered languor and indolence. This is a goddess who dislikes exertion of any kind, and knows that she needs only to project sensuality from a position of ease and repose to enslave any man's soul. She is spoiled beyond spoiled, always seeking more pleasure--more indulgence of every kind--unable to get her fill. Note the fact that she is sitting on a chaise covered in fur (real fur, of course--a goddess such as this would demand no less), to increase her comfort. She knows that her beauty entitles her to the finest things in life.

The pièce de résistance is the model's pouty expression, which smoulders with a banked-down fire, suggesting the passions that lurk just beneath her languid demeanour. Her eyes burn with a dark flame, flashing a mixture of desire and command: "Worship me, now."

Every word is true. These photos summon feelings in the viewer that usually only works of art can evoke. The pictures define the notions of "temptress" and "seductress." They demonstrate what "high fashion" could and should be like, if it featured truly full-figured models instead of of minus-size waifs or faux-plus frauds, as the luxurious aesthetic of the photos harmonizes perfectly with the darkly passionate, steamy allure of the well-fed model.
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