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Default Re: Dieting forces brain to eat itself (article)

The ghastly findings of this study tie in with the recent article, discussed here, which revealed that the mass media's bombardment of photos of androgynous models causes neurological damage.

Thus, the dire consequences of the thin-supremacist modern standard upon the mental faculties are twofold: first, the brain is neurologically impaired by exposure to toxic underweight imagery; second, the brain self-cannibalizes its own cells as a woman starves herself to look fashionably emaciated.

It should hardly be surprising that the pursuit of an appearance that resembles malnourishment leads to the consequences of actual malnourishment. Or to put it more plainly, in trying to look sick, no wonder that so many women tragically become sick. And in this case, the ill effects impair the most important and delicate organ in the body: the brain.

In their misguided effort to starve away their beauty, women unwittingly starve away their mind.

One of the criticisms of the worship of beauty has ever been the resentment-driven claim that such a focus prioritizes looks over intelligence, "beauty over brains." Now the politically motivated ideologues can no longer even make such a facile distinction, because it turns out that plus-size beauty, far from being "merely skin deep," is emblematic of the health of the mind. If the beauty is depleted, then the brain diminishes as well. Full-figured beauty, and being well fed, it turns out, is essential for the preservation of the mental faculties, while the pursuit of emaciated ugliness literally rots the mind.

This brains/beauty opposition goes back (as so many tropes do) to that proto-feminist Charlotte Brontė, who had such a vexed relationship with plus-size beauty. Describing the Catholic school where the narrator of her 1853 novel Villette, Lucy Snow, is a teacher, Lucy observes that

large sensual indulgence (so to speak) was permitted by way of counterpoise to jealous spiritual restraint . . . Every pretext for physical recreation was seized and made the most of. There, as elsewhere, the Church strove to bring up her children robust in body, feeble in soul, fat, ruddy, hale, joyous, ignorant, unthinking, unquestioning. "Eat, drink, and live!" she says. "Look after your bodies; leave your souls to me. I hold their cure--guide their course: I guarantee their final fate."

Leaving aside the damning fact that Brontė, with her puritanical temperament, should use the word "joyous" as a term of opprobrium (!), she creates a false association between young girls being "robust in body" and "ignorant, unthinking, unquestioning."

In fact, as these new medical studies demonstrate, if young women are not robust in body, if they do not indulge themselves with the copious nourishment that their bodies desire, they then could materially impair their minds--and not just psychologically (via eating disorders), but at the neurological and cellular level as well.

In fact, one wonders if the modern penchant for self-imposed starvation hasn't already diminished the stock of humanity. Are we even as intelligent as the Greeks, who founded Western culture, or as the guiding lights of any age prior to our own? We have technological accomplishments, to be sure, but in creating those we simply build on what has gone before.

On the other hand, there is no question that our facility for art and cultural creation has declined precipitously in recent generations, and that is the true test of genius. One usually attributes this diminution to a deterioration in taste, but what has caused this descent? What passes for intelligence today is often merely a bitter, resentful cynicism. Is such a penchant at all creative, or merely destructive? Does it not require a deeper intelligence to venerate and revere beauty than to besmirch it via a sour-grapes approach? Do today's cynical thinkers even comprehend what they are discounting, or do they lack the acuity and perception of past generations, which were better able to comprehend greatness?

In one of his most sobering comments in The Decline of the West, Spengler notes that

All art is mortal, not merely the individual artifacts but the arts themselves. One day the last portrait of Rembrandt and the last bar of Mozart will have ceased to be—though possibly a coloured canvas and a sheet of notes may remain—because the last eye and the last ear accessible to their message will have gone.

Could women's self-imposed starvation, and how it adversely impacts their offspring, help bring about such a tragic situation? One dreads to think so.

No matter what, these studies demonstrate that self-imposed malnourishment (euphemistically dubbed "dieting") has effects far more pernicious than the mass media will ever acknowledge. For the sake of their brains as well as their bodies, women should stop starving themselves into androgynous emaciation and embrace their natural tendency towards a full-figured appearance, having realized that plus-size beauty betokens not just physical attractiveness, but a robust and vital mind as well.

Sumptuously well-fed plus-size model Mayara Russi (size 22) modelling for Glamur Fashion:

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- Mayara Russi Galleries

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